July 9, 2016


ILMUNC Perú is the result of a partnership between the International Affairs Association at the University of Pennsylvania and Promotora Internacional de Debates (PRIDE Peru), two international organizations dedicated to the development of education, not only in their respective nations, but in the entire world. Together they created ILMUNC Perú with one purpose: to grant the Latin American region with a yearly Model United Nations conference with international standards, offering its participants an unforgettable experience.

Our goal is not only to bring the most competitive conference to Latin America and, thus, granting the most experienced delegates of the region with a competitive conference to test their skills at an international level, but we also focus on creating an educational environment in which delegates will have the possibility to debate, discuss and negotiate with students from all around the world, offering a unmatched networking experience for students and teachers alike.

With committees chaired by undergraduates from one of the most competitive and successful intercollegiate Model United Nations travel team, ILMUNC Perú will mark a difference in Peru´s and Latin America´s Model United Nations High School circuit. Our directors are experienced MUNers and they all have mastered their topics and with their knowledge of international relations and diplomacy, it is certain that they will exceed every expectation. Delegates are encouraged to surprise our directors, to bring new solutions to the problems discussed in committee and to challenge themselves to be the leader that our chairs are looking for.

We also encourage the participation of young local leaders in our conference, that is why experienced University Peruvian MUNers will participate in our conference as Assistant Directors and Logistic Staff. Peruvian MUN has grown exponentially during the last years and this is just a reflection of the strive and determination of our delegates. Delegates that will be completely dedicated to the success of our conference.

Finally, the ILMUNC Perú experience will not only reside in committee interactions. Our team has managed to make the outside committee experience as meaningful as possible. With fun and entertaining social events, the possibility to try Peruvian´s internationally recognized dishes, the opportunity to learn about Ivy League university admissions and university life in the United States and sightseeing activities at our wonderful host city: Lima.

We dream that someday ILMUNC Perú will become Latin America´s leading Model United Nations Conference and YOU can be part of the second edition of a conference that will make history.


The Secretariat


Fernando Fernandez

Fernando is a dual-degree student in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, combining both International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and Marketing in the Wharton School. Born and raised a city boy in Bronx, New York, he has been involved in Penn’s International Affairs Association since his freshman year, most recently serving as Crisis Director for ILMUNC Perú I, and USG for UPMUNC. Outside of the IAA, Fernando dances salsa and bachata in Onda Latina, loves eating all new types of food, and being outside. He hopes to work in education or international diplomacy helping to give back to the world around him. Fernando is honored to serve as Secretary-General and couldn’t be more excited to be returning ILMUNC Perú II!

Angie Ra

Angie is a senior in the Wharton School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences studying Finance, Statistics, Economics, and Psychology. She was born in Seoul, South Korea but self-identifies as an Idahoan, having been raised on a plentiful diet of potatoes in the overwhelmingly peaceful city of Boise. During her time at Penn, Angie has been heavily involved with the International Affairs Association, the umbrella organization of ILMUNC Perú, most recently as the Chief of Operations for Penn’s intercollegiate MUN team and has participated in over twenty conferences as a delegate or staffer. Outside of her obsession with all things MUN, she enjoys trying fad diets, reading the New Yorker, and indulging in her online shopping addiction. Angie is honored and excited to serve as ILMUNC Perú II’s Director-General and looks forward to meeting everyone in November!

Eric Petersen
Chief of Staff

Eric is a junior studying economics and history in the College of Arts & Sciences. From the Philadelphia suburbs, he began Model UN in middle school, attending ILMUNC all four years of high school. After a year organizing the conference he loves at Penn, Eric is excited to help bring ILMUNC to Peru. Besides Model UN, Eric enjoys keeping up with current events, international affairs, and the Kardashians. He is excited to be a Chief of Staff for ECOSOC and involved in improving an already engaging conference!

Rong Xiang
Chief of Operations

Rong (pronounced like ‘wrong’) is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Computer Science. She has had the pleasure of serving as an Under-Secretary-General for the original ILMUNC in Philadelphia, and is beyond honored to serve as the Chief of Operations for ILMUNC Peru! Outside of Model UN conferences, Rong is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s student design agency, and helps design products for PennApps, a student hackathon. She believes that strong design is really powerful, and she’s excited to put her ideas to work at the premier Model UN Conference in Peru this November!




ILMUNC was founded in 1984 by a group of University of Pennsylvania undergraduates who were passionate about international affairs and wanted to make the same high quality Model UN conference experience that existed for college students available to high school students. ILMUNC has since grown into one of the premier high school Model UN organizations in the world, serving thousands of students each year both in the United States and internationally with conferences in India, China, and now Peru.


To organize and run model United Nations conferences serving high school students and to promote international affairs and model United Nations among students at the University of Pennsylvania by providing opportunities to be involved in international affairs related activities on-campus, regionally, and abroad.


We strive to provide a unique educational experience that will enable students to grow into strong leaders and global citizens who will positively shape the future of our world.



About Pride Perú

Promotora Internacional de Debates - PRIDE Perú stands for "International Debate Promoter" and was born from the initiative of a group of university graduates interested in international relations, politics, debate and mainly, the development of education in Peru through alternative methods.

Our members, as former MUN Delegates and/or MUN Faculty Advisors, share the vision that academic competitions and mainly, those that promote debate, discussion and opinion between students can become life-changing experiences that complement their learning and promote the development of several soft skills. Skills that are essential in the academic, profesional and social sphere.

Furthermore, academic competitions such as Model United Nations also have the ability to integrate from different parts of the world that share common thoughts, ideas and opinions. We have see that through this academic experiences we can integrate the student community of Peru, which today is divided by universities, regions, social stigmas and lack of opportunities. We seek to become the road that will connect every student in our nation and we strive to grant them the possibility to develop the abilities that many of them still do not know the posses.



Gustavo Taboada

Franco Nicolini

Pili Lindley




A city of rich history and cultural heritage, Lima, Peru offers many attractions and sightseeing opportunities during your experience at ILMUNC Peru. We welcome you to explore the city's archaeological sites, world-class cathedrals, and architectural masterpieces during the conference.